Blog Update – Dividend Yield added under DIVIDEND CALENDAR Page

Hi Fellow Dividend Observer!

In my pursuit to make this blog a helpful source of information as we journey towards financial freedom, I add several pages under the DIVIDEND CALENDAR page.

Under that page, it shows the history of stocks that distributes dividend on a particular month. It consists of six columns defined as:

  • The first column of the table is no other than the stock TICKER symbol.
  • The second column DIV COUNT is the frequency that the dividend has been given last year. If the count is more than one, it means the company is either distributing special cash dividend or distributing semi-annually or quarterly.
  • The third column is the total cash dividend given last year.
  • The fourth column is the stocks last price of the previous year.
  • The fifth column is the cash dividend for the current year so far.
  • The sixth column is the dividend yield. Dividend yield is calculated as last year total cash dividend divided by the last year price. This would be our dividend income if we had bought it at the last price of previous year and assuming the same cash dividend will be distributed for the current year. However, in the event that cash dividend has been distributed already for the current year, Dividend yield will calculated as current year total cash dividend divided by the last year price. This means that if we had bought it at the last price of the previous year, then we are pocketing a dividend income on that rate.

How to use it?

As you may or may not be aware, one of my criteria to screen the stock to invest is the Dividend Yield ratio. Hence, from the list of stocks, I will pick the stock that has higher dividend yield ratio and proceed as per my investment process. I will update this data as soon as new cash dividend is declared. So, If you’re following my investment process step 2, I suggests you start with the dividend yield as your initial stock screening process instead of what I previously wrote.

Again, this blog is still in it’s infancy period and I am making some improvements and changes along the way. I always welcome any helpful tips, comments or suggestions on how this site can be improved.

Thank you for reading.

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