CHIB, FJP, FLI, MFC, PF Declares Cash Dividends

The Board of Directors of China Banking Corporation (CHIB) approved the declaration of 10% cash dividend or P1.00 per share. Further, the Board of Directors approved the declaration of 8% stock dividend to come from the Bank’s unissued shares with any fractional share resulting thereof to be rounded-up to one (1) share. The record and issuance/payment dates of the dividends will be set by the Board after verification or approval thereof by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the approval in principle of the listing of stock dividend by the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securiies and Exchange Commission.

Meanwhile, F&J HOLDINGS CORPORATION (FJP) declares a cash dividends at Php0.10 per share to stockholders of record as of June 3, 2015 (the “Record Date”) payable on or before June 30, 2015. In addition, The Board approved and adopted a resolution declaring a cash dividends of P0.10 per share to stockholders of record as of August 3, 2015 (the “Record Date”) payable on or before August 30, 2015.

On the other hand, Filinvest Land, Inc (FLI) approved the declaration of dividends to all stockholders of record as of June 5, 2015 (ex-date June 2, 2015), in the amount of P0.0560 per share, broken down as follows:

a. Regular Cash Dividend of P0.0373 per share
b. Special Cash Dividend of P0.0187 per share

San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. (PF) approved the declaration of cash dividends for common and preferred shareholders of the Company as of record date of May 22, 2015, at P1.20 and P14.14225 per share, respectively. Payment date is June 5, 2015 and June 12, 2015.

Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC) declares cash dividends of C$0.17 or Php5.61 per share.Dividend pix

Below are the lists of PSE listed stocks scheduled to distribute dividends as of May 8, 2015. You can track how the price of the stock is moving after the dividend declaration date by looking on the last column of the table below.

Stock Cash Dividend Div Yield Ex-Date Payment Date Last Price %CH
SMPH 0.2100 1.07% 11-May-15 9-Jun-15             19.64 -4.20%
SM 10.6100 1.17% 11-May-15 9-Jun-15           906.00 -0.22%
X 0.0400 0.44% 11-May-15 2-Jun-15                9.13 -0.76%
RLC 0.3600 1.24% 11-May-15 9-Jun-15             29.10 -2.84%
ALHI 0.0700 0.74% 12-May-15 10-Jun-15                9.46 -5.59%
ATI 0.4100 2.99% 12-May-15 10-Jun-15             13.70 -1.86%
MFC 5.6100 0.68% 15-May-15 19-Jun-15           820.00 0.00%
PF 1.2000 0.64% 19-May-15 5-Jun-15           187.00 0.00%
LSC 0.0200 1.55% 20-May-15 19-Jun-15                1.29 0.00%
SLF 12.5400 0.87% 22-May-15 30-Jun-15       1,440.00 0.00%
MVC 0.0500 1.99% 26-May-15 10-Jun-15                2.51 0.00%
FJP 0.1000 2.86% 29-May-15 30-Jun-15                3.50 0.00%
FLI 0.0560 2.99% 2-Jun-15 1-Jul-15                1.87 0.00%
BDO 0.3000 0.27% 8-Jun-15 26-Jun-15           111.20 -8.93%
FJP 0.1000 2.86% 29-Jul-15 30-Aug-15                3.50 0.00%
EEI 0.1000 0.97% 26-Aug-15 25-Sep-15             10.28 3.84%
BDO 0.3000 0.27% 7-Sep-15 25-Sep-15           111.20 -8.93%
BDO 0.3000 0.27% 7-Dec-15 28-Dec-15           111.20 -8.93%

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