Dividend Income: January – March 2015

This is my first ever dividend income report! I wish I could start it with a big bang but the first quarter of this year I was occupied with so many things including the debut of this blog site. I am actually in the process of starting all over again with my portfolio. I’m almost all-in cash nowadays and yet I got my first quarter dividend income of Php 1,615.22.

I don’t really think this should be posted but I just want to take a break from taking all the necessary data that I need to start building up my dividend portfolio. I have a four-days off from my job and I was so busy taking the data and plugging it into my monitoring worksheet manually. How I wish I can extract the data automatically into my monitoring worksheet.

Here is the overview on my historical dividend income quarterly. I just started collecting this data so I can always see how I am progressing.


What can you say about my dividend income? not really good to look at, right? how I wish when I start my real dividend portfolio, I can see an increasing income on my chart. Best of luck!

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