Dividend News: FEU Declared Cash Dividends

DIVIDEND DECLARATION 2Dividends provide investors with the opportunity to take advantage of the power of compounding. Compounding happens when we generate earnings and then we reinvest that earnings, thus generating more earnings from the earnings. Dividend compounding occurs when the collected dividends are reinvested to purchase additional shares of stock, hence resulting in greater dividends.

The Dividend Observer site will constantly monitoring which PSE listed company is declaring recently cash dividend so that YOU will not miss this opportunity.

Far Eastern University, Inc. (FEU), declares cash dividend today June 16, 2015 at Php12.00 per share. Base on today’s closing price of Php941.00, FEU offers a dividend yield of 1.28%.

Information’s you may want to know:

  • FEU declares cash dividend for 8 straight years.
  • FEU YTD price change is down by 7.75% as of June 16 closing.
  • FEU has a TDO Value of Php864.65 which is lower than current market price, hence overvalued.
  • FEU has a TDO Score of 74.75%

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