PSE Dividend Watch – Week 48

Dividend is one of the effective income generation strategy for both short- and long-term investors. In order to be eligible to receive the recent dividends, YOU must ensure that you purchase the stock before the ex-dividend date and hold the stock through this period.

Short- term investors (traders) may benefit on stock cash dividend declaration as this might serve as a catalyst for the stock market price to increase prior to its dividend date.

The Dividend Observer site will constantly monitoring which PSE listed company is declaring recently cash/stocks dividend so that YOU will not miss this opportunity.

Further, You may visit the Ex-Dividend Watch page, the summary of PSE listed stocks (common stocks) scheduled to distribute dividends soon.

Below are the lists of PSE listed stocks scheduled to distribute dividends soon as of week 48. You can track how the price of the stock is moving after the dividend declaration date by looking on the last column of the table below. Are you entitled to receive dividend income? Find out here!

Stock Div / Stock Amount Annual Div Yield Current Yield Ex-Date Payment Date Last Price %CH
LFM 71.43% stock 4.76% 3-Dec-15 21-Dec-15 42.00 23.53%
BDO 0.3000 2.08% 0.30% 7-Dec-15 28-Dec-15 101.00 -17.28%
CEU 0.2000 6.05% 2.02% 16-Dec-15 21-Jan-16 9.92 0.00%
IPO 0.06000 1.61% 0.54% 18-Dec-15 20-Jan-16 11.42 1.27%
LR 0.0600 1.78% 0.67% 23-Feb-16 23-Mar-16 9.01 -2.07%

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