Shine Consciously

Hi everyone! It’s been a month that I did not able to update this blog site. Not because I am sick nor lost the interest in blogging. I just go for a month long vacation with my family in the Philippines. Yehey!

It’s so nice to be back where I belong! I just got back from a vacation so, I have to update so many things especially my dividend database. Please bear with me.

So, How are you doing? Many things happened while I was out of the internet world, like Stock Market falls down – CRASHED! Oouchhh… Anyhow, that’s the nature of stock market. What we need to know is how to ride the roller coaster nature of the stock market. I hope you have already a strategy that you follow consistently and adapt whatever the market situation. If you are still not certain what strategy to follow, these links might help you:

When I went on vacation, I left my site with a survey. I am really THANKFUL for all your support, for your cooperation, for sharing your time in answering the survey. Thank you very much. I am happy to know that most of you wanted to explore more on my site. I am even surprise that many had visited my site while I was on vacation. This makes me more motivated, committed on how to keep this blog more helpful at your end. Here’s the screen shot of the survey result:

TDO Survey1

I wanted to serve more. I wanted my site can serve what you need. Do you have something in your mind that you want me to include in this site? Please tell me by leaving a comment and I will respond to it as soon as possible.

Your face is not for hiding behind but to let everybody see that you shine. – Orsolya Riszt


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