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TDO Score Stock Ratings (13 May 2016)

The Dividend Observer will share (every week) the PSE listed stocks ranking using our proprietary TDO Score Ranking formula,  neatly divided into 6 sectors/categories. However, the lists shared in this blog are those stocks having a STAR rating of 1.0 and below. Stocks with a STAR rating of above 1.0 is available ONLY to TheDividendObserver premium subscriber at BookAKA website. The Dividend Observer screen all the PSE listed stocks (non-dividend paying stocks included) and we look at a variety of data — dividend yield, book value, earnings, sales — and compare it to the stock’s trading data to come up with certain calculations…

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Happy New Year 2016

Hello Everyone! First of all, I would like to greet you all a very Happy New Year! I know this is too late but better late than never hihi. Secondly, I would like to apologize again, I’m so sorry for the last few months that I seldom updating you here. Please be patience with me… Finally, I would like to share with you an inspirational quotes courtesy of Mr. Peter Sheperd as my debut article for this year. Here we go, As we move into a new year, let us practice being mindful as we go about our daily life,…

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