I’ve been engaged in the world of stock market for almost six years now, yet it seems I’m still a newbie. Why? Because I still:

  • have stocks that are STUCK (IPIT)
  • carried away with my emotion
  • hopping on fb groups looking for smart tips and most of all
  • I still not able to double my capital

These are only few reason that I can say I’m still not fully matured in the world of investing. Yesterday’s entry of Sir Spyfrat in his blog the “Trading Secrets of a Cutie” made me realize that indeed, I was more focused on reading comments from forum and liking comments in fb instead of watching the market action. Here’s an excerpt of what sir spyfrat wrote:

Information is vital. While other investors focused more on reading fb comments and liking them, some traders are busy refreshing the pse edge website and other infosites like twitter just to get ahead of information. Nothin wrong in having many fb groups, nothin… well it depends on how much time youve spent liking comments instead of watching the markets.

Well, I am an investor. Is it really needed to watch the market? Maybe yes or maybe not (I’m not sure!)

One thing for sure, to be successful in this business, we need to grow and learn how to be an investor. Fb groups and forum are not BAD, in fact I would say they are the best alternative place to start with. However, you need to choose wisely which fb group is more beneficial for your growth. Many gurus, mentors and fb friends out there that will guide us along the way and we have to listen to them. As my favorite saying in investing:

Listen to your Elder’s advice not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong.

Hence, learn to listen to everybody! Absorb what you think applicable to you and just simply neglect the ideas which is not applicable for you.

In conclusion, I would like to quote (verbatim) one of the lesson shared by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote:

Most people dread getting older. Yet being an investor is one profession that rewards you for being older, not younger.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is turning their money over to a financial expert and letting the expert invest for them.

That means they invest…but never learn to be an investor.

One of the benefits of being an active investor is that you get smarter the older you get. You will make mistakes, but those mistakes will become wisdom and wisdom is essential to becoming richer.
As my rich dad said, “Investors never have to retire.” He also said, “The longer you actively invest the smarter you become and the smarter you become and the richer you get.”

Dear Readers, What is your investment status now?

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