WeekEnd Blog – July 4, 2015


How’s your weekdays? I hope everything is alright like mine 🙂

Yesterday’s news article from Businessmirror.com gave me some more catalyst / interest in my pursuit to build my wealth through stock market investing (trading).

Here’s an excerpt of an article stating that PSEi will hit beyond 8000 at the end of this year. You may read the full article in this link

THE Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) is expected to close the year between the 8,000 and 8,300 level on the back of the country’s strong macroeconomic fundamentals even amid its roller-coaster ride.

A joint report by the First Metro Investment Corp. (FMIC) and the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) noted that the market turbulence will likely “become a regular occurrence in the interim or until we see investors’ confidence improve.”

Are you optimistic with this forecast? I do. But wait, How about the recent issue about Greece – you may ask? Here’s another a favorable article from businessmirror.com talking about the effect of Greece default to the Philippines.

FINANCE Secretary Cesar V. Purisima said on Friday that Greece’s default in debt payment will have minimal effect on the Philippines, unlike other emerging markets which are expected to be at risk of capital-flow reversal.

Purisima noted that the Philippines has no significant exposure to Greece, with exports to Greece constituting only 0.01 percent of total exports, and imports equal only 0.02 percent of the total. Remittances from Greece also only account for 1.38 percent of the total foreign-currency remittances to the Philippines.

“The Philippines is prepared to navigate through challenges from uncertainties brought about by external risks and factors. We continue to develop measures fortifying the economic fundamentals we have built, as well as increasing competitiveness in the country, reaping brighter prospects for higher and more durable growth,” Purisima said.

Well, whether the forecast will be realize or not, the greatest factor for the success of our stock market investing is only us, OURSELVES! The success depends on what or how we select the company we invest? I assume you have already some strategy that you’re following. How is it doing so far? Are you gaining or still struggling? I gather some articles from my fellow bloggers who are experts alREADY to help us educating and LEADing us for our success. Enjoy reading and have a Blessed weekend!

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