WeekEnd Blog – June 27, 2015

WeekEnd BlogI’ve been thinking how this blogsite will be more useful at your end, wishing that you may frequently visit my site and hopefully share your thoughts with the post I am doing in the future. I admit, I am a newbie blogger and even not really a good writer. I’m optimistic though that constant blogging will improve my writing skills and be a better blogger later.

I admire and following some Filipino blogger nowadays who blogs about financial literacy or anything related to uplift Filipino lives. I want to learn from them and I thought it would be nice to share with you some excellent articles they wrote for your reading pleasure, so I hope you all enjoy the compilation. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


and finally, here are your TOP STOCK PICKS weekly updates from today’s leading analyst compilation courtesy of PinoyInvestor:

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  1. We’ve had too much blogs from “guru”-wannabe’s who are by-products of the 6-year bull run so I guess creating another technical blog about the stock market wouldn’t bring a lot of “wow” factor in the blogosphere.

    How about adding some toppings on your pizza by answering questions posted by newbies in the FB stock market groups which the “stuck” gurus fail to answer in a non-flowery and concise manner such as the following:
    1. Why do stocks fall after the Dividend ex-date?
    2. Why do stocks rise after declaring dividends?
    3. Why do stocks often fall more than 50% below their IPO price after a week?

    It’s just a suggestion from a fellow blogger.

    • The Dividend Observer | June 27, 2015 at 22:40 | Reply

      Many thanks Jay Dee for stopping by!

      It seems you’ve been in the world of blogging for sometime. Congrats to you! I’m still a newbie blogger and even in the world of stock market I consider myself still a newbie too. Hence, pardon me for my simple answers to your questions.
      1. On the Ex-dividend date, the exchange will automatically reduce the stock price due to the dividend payout (in order to reflect the right value for the stock).

      2. Stocks normally rise after dividend declaration due to investors/traders longing to receive the recent dividend amount.

      3. One of the reason could be, most of the IPO subscribers are not an investor rather they are a short term trader.

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