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WeekEnd BlogStarting this week, I will post a weekend blog that features anything under the sun (weird?). Actually, I wanted to improve my writing skills. I wanted to compose an article and organize ideas with the least possible time since that is the problem I am facing right now. I have a difficulty in organizing my ideas, choosing the right words, making the correct grammar and so on. I believe in the saying “Constant practice makes you perfect”. Hence, by doing constantly a weekend blog, I wish I could achieve my target sooner than later.

Well, I’ve been busy lately for my research about the best dividend stocks to invest in the Philippine stock market. In fact, I’m still not finish, hopefully next week I can finally share it with you. Really it consume most of my time that even I forgot to monitor my current stocks holding which is supposed to be on a short term trades. It cost me too much (oh, not really, it is still a paper loss). And I’m not worried to see that huge paper loss, anyhow that’s the nature of stock market – a roller coaster ride.

I will suspend my dividend stock research this weekend. I need my mind to take a break from numerous numbers mixed-up in my head. I’m planning to have a family outing for more relaxation. I will try to capture some memorabilia on that outing and will share it with you next week.

I would like to share with you these inspirational quotes I receive lately courtesy of Mr. Peter Shepherd of trans4mind.com who shares inspirational quotes weekly.

“Our choices determine what we experience. If we are always looking at the bad in people, then we have bad interactions with people. If we beat ourselves up for ‘not being good enough’ then we will not have the confidence to succeed. We always have the choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. To act out of love or hate, for forgiveness or blame. Which so you want to experience? The choice is yours.” ~ Jennifer Wardowski

“You create your own reality and take personal responsibility for it. Your life is a reflection of who you are and the experiences that you, as a soul, planned for this life.” ~ Owen Waters

Below is a script from the Ten Principles for the New Awareness by Owen K Waters, another inspirational article which you can read online. Click here to read further.

The New Awareness today focuses upon gaining inner knowing through self-realization and self-development. It fosters spiritual self-reliance without the imposition of standards or duties by an external authority. With the New Awareness, your true, inner self is your authority. Your sense of responsibility becomes powered by love rather than fear. You do no harm to others because you love your fellow human beings, not because you fear judgment and punishment. Your spiritual awareness grows into spiritual adulthood. You no longer need to be told what to do, how to think, or what your place in life ‘should’ be.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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