What Makes An Investor a Winner?

Hello Everyone!

Have you asked yourself what makes an investor a winner?

The truth is there are a number of attributes, says Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. He continued… If I had to limit my answer to one thing, I would say that it is not talent. Talent does not separate the winners from the losers. Everyone has a talent. Coaching is what makes the difference.

All professional investors have coaches. All professional athletes have coaches. They all may be talented, but they know they are not Supermen or Wonder Women. They know they need coaches.

I know I am not Superman. If I were, I could do everything I wanted. Life would be easy.

And while I may not be Superman, I know I have untapped power and potential. I know I need to be pushed if I want to tap into that power and maximize my potential.

When I know I need to be pushed, held accountable, challenged to go beyond my resistance, my laziness, my limitations, I get a coach—if what I want is important to me.

I want to share to you my COACHES and SURELY you will be rewarded… a More Market Insight/Profit Than Having To Play The Market ALONE.

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